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Milano Malpensa
is ready to welcome you

While Linate is closed, Malpensa will manage the same passenger traffic as if the annual throughput was 30 million people, 5.3 million more than the record number of passengers totalled in the whole of 2018.

The works at Malpensa (with an investment of more than 18 million euro), in preparation for the transfer of flights from Linate while the runway is being re-laid, expand its capacity to welcome and manage a greater number of passengers than in past years. In recent years Malpensa has experienced continuous growth in passenger and goods traffic, and this period of more intense operations is a fore-runner of what will presumably become the norm in the near future of the intercontinental Milan Airport.

New check-in
island 18-19

Aimed at expanding the reception and assistance structures for passengers leaving from Malpensa Terminal 1, a new check-in island has been set up to add to those already operating in the airport (with matching design and colour scheme). This expansion was deemed necessary to allow better management of the increase in traffic predicted for the period of closure at Linate, and will enable the airport to process baggage and passengers more rapidly.

More gates for the Schengen Area

The increase in traffic due to the closure of Linate mainly impacts on the management of passengers in transit in the Schengen area as Linate only covers destinations located within the European Union. This leads to greater stress for the Malpensa area designated for these destinations, which will see a significant increase in passenger numbers. For this reason an expansion and modernisation of gates 24/26 and 32/39 has become indispensable to make passenger boarding easier and more comfortable.

Redevelopment operations
on the West Apron (piazzale ovest)

The works under way at Linate are more a rule than an exception. Attending to passenger safety is the prime objective of airport management, and it is for this reason that the runways and court areas at Malpensa are regularly maintained. In recent months the West Apron (piazzale ovest) of the airport has been updated to guarantee high safety levels constantly in line with European and International airport standards.

SEA Prime lands at Milano Malpensa

Though it does not directly influence the dynamics involved with the transfer of flights from Linate, it is worth noting that from July 2019 Malpensa will have a new airport terminal dedicated to general aviation (i.e. private flights). This is because the only terminal already operational at Linate is not capable of dealing unaided with the traffic of private flights arriving in Milan, often operated with larger aeroplanes than the airport can cope with. This new area, where work began mid-2018, augments the already broad raft of services available at Malpensa, resulting in an airport that is progressively larger, more open and more significant at the international level.

Still more car parks

The official car parks of Milan Malpensa provide the best solution for those arriving at the airport in their own cars. In addition, with the new Malpensa P6 Smart car park, directly accessible from the SS336, the offer is expanded, with 3,700 new parking spaces. Visit the official website or access our App to check availability and book your place!

Services for
all passengers

Whether you are travelling for work or for enjoyment, whether you are alone or in company, Malpensa is equipped to provide you with everything you need. From the Malpensa Center destined to events and conferences to the exclusive lounges reserved to Club SEA members (as well as the various dedicated services), every need can be met inside Terminal 1.
For passengers more expert in the “smart” world, various different services are active which you can use to reserve parking spaces, the Fast Track and the VIP Lounge; and the Milan Airports app allows you to control the status of the flight in real time and take advantage of everything the airport can offer.

Do you still have any doubts? Try out our Facebook chatbot: you will find all the information you need.