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The new Linate runway, ready for the airport's reopening!

The first of the operations carried out during the closure of the airport was the renovation of the Linate runway. These are special maintenance works that must be carried out every 15-20 years to ensure that passengers always enjoy high levels of safety. At the same time, work began on restyling the embarkation area, and this work will continue until 2021. The BHS system, which receives baggage and prepares them for loading in aircraft holds, has also been renovated, further increasing the airport's security level, thanks to new, state-of-the-art systems. Milan Linate will reopen on 27 October 2019, but some construction sites will remain open until the first half of 2021, when the completely restyled airport will be presented!

Look at the work from another point of view: filmed by a drone!
Watch the official video of Linate's move!
The Bridge has begun!
What will happen in Linate from 27th July to 27th October?

A new and European
City Airport

As we said, Linate will reopen on 27 October, but some work will continue until 2021! In the coming months we will be working to expand the commercial offer at the airport with new shops that can satisfy the tastes of our business customers. In the food&beverage area we will focus on new formats: the offer will range from city excellence to the latest trends and will be adjusted to accommodate all needs, from relaxation areas to the business center. In addition, a very distinctive architectural element will create a light effect that will give the airport a more modern and iconic image.

The works that have involved Linate so far are just a step along the path that will lead us to create, in 2021, a real City Airport for the city of Milan. A completely renovated, welcoming and functional infrastructure, capable of optimising passenger flows and providing a complete, comfortable and easy travel experience.


At Linate, the work on the runway was completed without any problems. The airport is ready to reopen after the summer closure, but the restyling process will continue until 2021.

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